Thursday, September 16, 2010

wound is worse

Tuesday, we went to the wound care center for the venous ulcer on his leg.  They presribed a treatment plan.  2 days later the ulcer is noticeably worse. He is supposed to call the doctor if it gets worse.  He did not call.

I want to throw up.

For a million reasons.

Because he refuses to do what they tell him to do.

Because of how bad the wound looks.

Because the "what-if" of it all makes me a nervous wreck.

I somehow think if I throw up, I will feel better.

Now, how stupid is that????!!!


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Lynn Barry said...

Well I would think that seeing the wound in its present state might physically make you throw up and i know how I feel after throwing up...better than I did before i threw up...but yours is a literal and figurative way of saying...I FEEL BAD and WANT TO FEEL BETTER...that stubborn man of yours...WHAT is he thinking? Perhaps a call to 911 and having EMTs would get him to be seen...I feel like throwing up now...good luck, dear gal...HUGS and LOVE