Friday, September 10, 2010

Surgeon visit

Went to meet with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday afternoon.  I liked the guy.  He did a very thorough exam.  I think he knows what he wants to do, but he ordered  5 more sets of xrays.  I think he wants to make sure before he tells us what he thinks the next steps are.

Of concern was the fact that our HMO did an MRI - hubby was laying down, and this does not show what happens to the back when he stands up.  So we need standing xrays to compare to the MRIs.

It was interesting to see how you can view cross sections of the vertebra and see them lined up at the same time.  Hubby has substantial narrowing of the spinal colum, degeneration of numerous vertebra, curvature of the spine.

The most interesting finding is that he has lost a full inch in height in the last year.  Wow!! That was a shocker to both of us!

I have never doubted his back pain.  But now I wonder how he even manages to walk after seeing everything that is wrong with it.

So, we wait.  The HMO has to approve, then schedule the new xrays.  We are supposed to ask to have the films, then hand carry them back to the surgeon and will have a second consult with him.

After that, hubby has to make the decision whether he wants to have back surgery or not.  I simply want to know what the recovery time is and how surgery will impact his dibetes.

More wait and see.


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Lynn Barry said...

Continued thought and prayers for you and your husband as you do what needs to be done to hopefully improve his (and ultimately yours)quality of life. HUGS