Sunday, September 26, 2010

24 hours later

he was his usual apologetic self.  It always happens. And then I remembered...just before his outburst, he had come downstairs and walked into the kitchen and gotten something to eat.  So I thought back.  He had fixed himself one of those soft pretzels about 4 pm.  So he wasn't hungry for dinner and didn't eat.  But then came down and got a bag of potato chips.  So I'm pretty sure he was in the middle of another sugar low.  And that was the basis for his outburst.

I printed out some information about depression and anger and left it on his desk.  He never made a comment about it the next morning.

He went to the apple store and bought me an ipad.

He almost always buys something when he wants to apologize.

Is it worth staying for?


And I told him that while I appreciated it so much, it didn't make up for his outburst.

Will it stop him from doing it again?

Probably not.

No matter how much I want to leave, I probably won't.  I love him for all the good moments.  I love him for the man I know is there, somewhere....that shows himself every now and then....the guy I fell in love with.

Diabetes. Has to be the world's worst disease.



Lynn Barry said...

Thoughts and prayers for him to open his eyes and mind and help himself with the depression so he can be calmer and easier to deal is powerful...whatever you decide, I am with ya...yes, diabetes IS the worst...XO

Anonymous said...

Do gifts make a difference? I never get any...If I push it, I will get an apology, but gifts? No, they cost money -- and money is more dear than me....
tom's wife

Lynn Barry said...

I don't want to sound negative, but sounds like he has a control problem as well as a diabetes situation going thoughts are with you as you sort out what is worth hanging on to and what isn't it...HUGS