Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting my life back

Today, I taught an art class. We made dichroic glass pendants. One of my favorite things to do. It's the first class I've been able to schedule/teach this year. And it feels wonderful!

Hubby celebrated by going to a local bakery and buying a chocolate carmel cake for the students. Of course, they loved him to pieces! And he didn't eat any at all. So I thought that was huge progess. He can have sweets in the house, and won't eat them. Yeah for him!!!

While his back is still causing him incredible pain, we are both trying hard to get back into the routine of life. Yet that routine has been altered. Daily walks, eating healthy, treadmill and recumbant bike, exercises, healthy snacks. I think we are past fighting it all and have accepted it as a way of life. He is still testing numerous times a day, taking his insulin on a very strict schedule, eating snacks when he starts to go low....and it has made a huge difference in everything else in life.

And while we both know that this could end any time because his kidney function is so low and dialysis is looming just around the corner, I think both of us are enjoying this phase.

Art is a release for me. A place that I can escape to, play, have fun, create something, share what I know with someone else, teach them how to do something that they love. I have really missed it this year and am so happy to be back. It's been a really great day.

May you each have a great day. We all need them every once in awhile - just to remind us what life is really like!


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