Friday, April 02, 2010

The nephrologist

Said he doesn't think hubby's kidney failure is from the diabetes.

Go figure.

I'm trying to figure out if the nephrologist is an idiot, or uneducated, or just doesn't have a clue?

He was a pretty young guy.

He wanted to reduce the alopurinol from 500 mg to 150 mg. Hubby takes it for gout and to keep his uric acid low. It's working just fine. Why reduce it? Especially since hubby just had a MAJOR gout attack last weekend.

So the doctor at least agreed that he would make that a referral to hubby's GP and let the GP (who just saw the gout) make the call.

It's like they all just look at a chart and tell him what to do. But no one is looking at the whole - the entire picture - to see what might be best to do.

Lower the alopurinol, increase the gout, increase the prednisone, make the glucose go up, increase the insulin......

Am I the only person on earth who sees the path this would set him on?

I honestly think none of his physicians really care.

And that is so sad.


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Lilly said...

Good for you that you DO "get it!" Honestly, the nephrologist does sound like an idiot. Much kidney failure is caused directly by diabetes. How could he not know that? What I and my husband have found is that as he gets more and more doctors "onboard," it gets more confusing, as some understand what diabetes can do, and others seem to have no clue whatsoever. Even though it can be exhausting, it really does pay to educate yourself, as often you have to be in "defense mode" with the very doctors who are supposed to know it all. We have learned the hard way not to blindly say "okay" to all they want him to do!