Saturday, February 06, 2010

Week long high

Phil wrote:
Dear Wife of a diabetic...I'm the husband of a diabetic (some 30 years). I'm searching for an out let of "am I the only one out here with these issues....and I found this site and read a little of the same descriptions of my life....hummmm maybe I not the only one who is out here...I'll book mark and come back

So, while I'm the wife of a diabetic, I'm certain that women who have diabetes can be just like my husband when it comes to lows, denial, no memory, not caring for themselves. Hadn't really thought about that too much. But I'm sure if a diabetic doesn't take care of themselves....the end results would be genderless.

It has been such a hectic week around here. Hubby's staff has all flown in and there is such a flurry of activity going on. And he is ever so unaware of what he is doing to himself and his body right now. First, he is so pumped up on adrenaline from excitement - he is the "boss", the "leader of the pack" and "off on the hunt" to show them all a great time. Adrenaline = high glucose.

Then, he is pumping himself up on percocet. I gently reminded him that his Rx is only for 2 months and when it's out, he can't get it refilled. He said he will deal with that later on.

He is not getting enough sleep. He is eating anything he wants.

But yet I know he is in severe pain. He got up at 5 am today and had me get up with him so I could make out an order for tomorrow's lunch. Of course, yes, this is a last minute change. I don't mind. But he couldn't make it back up the stairs to get his cell phone....and then I had to make a second trip up and down to get something else he forgot. I simply smiled and said, "you owe me!" Couldn't do much else as we have houseguests this week and I have to present myself as the endearing "bosses wife". LOL!!!

Not sure what time the houseguest leaves Monday, but I know hubby has to go to the cardiologist that afternoon. Will be interesting to see if he crashes before he gets there. I'm anticipating next week will be a bear. He will be depressed when his staff leaves town....and he will be crashing from the high of this week. It's interesting that I am to the point where I can predict what is going to happen to him based on his highs and lows and what's going on in his life

So, he's off with his staff today on a sporting outing which will be quite physically exertive. One of the guys has already agreed to drive back. This evening is a social event with about 40 people. Tomorrow, they will all be here for most of the day. I'm wondering how much he can push his body before something major happens. I wonder if his glucose levels are so high that he won't even remember much about the week.


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