Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'm running behind on my posts here -busy week. So, he was supposed to see the neuro at 8 am on Thursday. On Wed night, he figured out that the appt had been that morning- he missed it. I'm still not sure what I thought. I think I couldn't believe he would mess up on the dates when he has been in such pain. He never lets me see anything in writing, so, of course, I went by his word that the appt was Thurs, not Wed. He got up Thurs am and called and did confess that he had messed up. Told them how critical it was that he see the neuro before they do the cath. Amazing, they had a cancellation for that afternoon and got him in.

He let me go with him. We both liked the neuro. He showed us the MRI. Hubby has horrible narrowing of the spinal column. So narrow, I don't know how anything flows through it. He has compression of 3 vertebrae. He has degeneration in 3 vertebra. Then he showed us the xrays which show rather significant scoliosis. That was a shock!

He wants to refer hubby to physical therapy for a month and agreed that's not going to work, but needs to make the referral. Aftera month, he will go to the pain mgmt center and get steroid injection. They may work, they may not last 2 days. If they don't work, then it will be major surgery. So major that he will be referred outside the HMO. He said that could happen as soon as 3 months.

So it's good that he has a plan. I think the cardiologist is going to recomment bypass surgery as it looks like he can't be put on blood thinners in the event he needs back surgery. He has the cardiac catheterization on Monday. So, a lot going on at the moment.

He is still doing pretty good with the new low glycemic menu. Now if we can just get some motion in him. I agreed that whatever physical therapy tells him, I will do it along with him to help him out. He will make the call to them after the cath is over.

Life seems to be changing by the moment.

Oh, he had bad low, down to under 50, yesterday. Have started to keep fresh orange juice in the house for moments like that. He managed to come of that one in about 20 minutes.


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