Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cardiologists call

the doctor had more time to go over the cath and called and said she does not want him to exert himself at all. No activity until he has the surgery. That tells me they are fearful that he might have a heart attack before surgery which indicates it's worse than we thought.

He told his parents. They want to be here. They have not visited him at his home since 1982. Missed their grandkids graduations, but for this, they want to be here. I told him that I cannot take care of them, he is going to be my primary concern. He has a consult with the surgeon next week, so we will wait til then to make a decisions. Hopefully they will schedule the surgery then, but we have to wait for the dye to clear his system.

He is eating healty. He is testing. Glucose at 57 at 11 am today.


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