Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When it's good....it's good!

So I am just posting because it's all good right now. Usually the holiday season has hubby completely stressed out. But I am changing what/how we do. No tree, no decorations. No parties. Our calendar is pretty clear the entire month and he takes off starting on the 15th for the rest of the year. No vacation plans - just here at home.

I'm baking a turkey tomorrow. Who says you have to have turkey on the 25th? LOL! If we have the turkey this week - there's no need to stress out about that later in the month. Should be an interesting December to say the least. But so far, it seems to be working. No stress, no highs and lows. Ya think we can keep this up the whole month? OK, I can dream! LOL!


MHoskins2179 said...

Wasn't able to email you, so needed to leave this in a comment. Here it is. http://thecornerboothcc.blogspot.com/2009/12/wife-of-diabetic.html

Neil Curtis said...

I wish I could do something to help diabetics and their families. Unfortunately, very few believe any of my words. I seldom ever have low readings and take care of high readings immediately. While I am certainly not a lover of food, others could reduce carb intake. I do realize others do not enjoy exercise nor think the rewards are worth the investment of exercise. I guess, I will remain one of the very few diabetics who live in near perfect health. It is sad for me, but no matter how much research, no matter how much evidence I provide, almost no one wants to hear how I manage my diabetes because most diabetics expect their doctors to be like God. "Take this pill, arise and walk in newness of life."

Doctors don't believe me, nurses don't believe me, and diabetics don't believe me. But my family knows exactly the huge effort I put into keeping healthy, and my children and my wife really appreciate what I do and what I am able to do for them because I am healthy. About 500 diabetics in the United States will die today, and I doubt a single doctor even cares.