Wednesday, September 16, 2009

how not to get your comment posted here

If you send me a comment and it has a link in it to a website that is trying to sell something...I probably won't post your comment or make a link to it.

I do, however, check them out and if I think it's something valid - I will be happy to share it.

For the most part - I reject this type of comments. Just os you know.

We had a really good couple of days around here. After last weekends melt-down, I think we both deserve some peace and quiet! I've been hosting a guest instructor in my art studio this week. Last night, hubby came down to the basement to say "hi" to all the "girls". I noticed that he could barely walk on the hard concrete floor Poor guy. I think he wants to be involved but just can't physically get himself around. Most of the rest of our house has nice soft carpeting. I just wonder how much longer before he is going to need a wheelchair.

DW - enjoying the calm


Anonymous said...

Hi DW, I took your advice and started my own blog. Hope you are ok, I borrowed your name and called it Wife of a Diabetic 2. Like you, I doubt I'll post every day, but we shall see. a little at a time isn't so bad. thanks for the encouragement. tom's wife

Michael Hoskins said...

DW - I recently stumbled on your blog and thought I'd write. I am a diabetic husband - 30 years old, Type 1 since age 5, son of a Type 1 also diagnosed at that age. My wife (same age) and I have been married for four years, and she's a great person who helps incredibly with my health. I am on an insulin pump and did injections until starting pump therapy toward the end of college in 2001. Anyhow, she often gets frustrated (rightfully so) that I don't take better care of myself, and now as we look to begin a family, I find myself very worried about my 25 diabetic years' impact on future children... In a way I don't want to pass this down, but I want children with her. Just often face the hopelessness of it all, and though she and the pets help alleviate it, it's always there. My A1c is currently at 9, and a constant struggle to get down. Anyhow, I'd like to keep in touch, but am not at this point interested in the posting of this, just wanted to tough base. Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you. - Michael in Indiana