Saturday, December 13, 2008

sick again

I sometimes think it's a change in weather. But then I think it's just ups and downs with sugar. There are times I just don' tknow what to think, but he is getting sick more and more, so I'm going to start making notes on that as well. He thinks today it's food poisoning.....but he did have cheese on his burger at lunch. Even though it was swiss....still cheese. So he's been sick to his stomach for the last 4 hours and now he has a head cold. Again.

I wonder how much his body can take getting sick like this all the time. It puts him flat in bed. The good thing is that we have arranged for a basically stress-free rest of the year. No tree here. No parties. A small family gatheringon Christmas Eve. Shopping is all done - nothing left to do and he is off from the 23rd to the end of the year. I hope he will spend some time working on one of his hobbies. I think that would be relaxing for him.

We are still doing Weight Watchers. He hasn't lost anything, but he hasn't gained, either. So he is still down 20 pounds. I just wish he could lose at least another 20. I think it would help him so much.

Hopefully he will be better in the morning.


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