Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dear Lori....about that book.....

I have often wondered why no other wife of a diabetic has written a book to this point?

Is it because we are so lost in the grief, depression, anger of this disease? Is it because we can barely cope with everyday life....let alone the stress of trying to write about it?

I don't post every day as it would just be way too upsetting. I try to make this a diary of the major events. But to write the minute details....the gross stuff...who would believe it? who would read it?

When I started this journey, if you had given me a book about my possible path...I would not have believed it. If someone, even a doctor, had told me what I would experience when he has a low, I would have said, "yeah, right!" with that "you are insane" tone in my voice!

And my other thought is...do I want to know? Do I really, truly, want to know what is going to happen next? Yes and no! It's sort of like....do I want someone to tell me the exact moment I'm going to die? Not really? I think there are just some things about the future that most of us want to remain in denial over! LOL!

So, update. We are having a generally good period right now. Continuing to lose a pound each every couple of weeks. Eating much less and more healthy food. It sure feels good. We have "fights" over meals about 3 times a week. He wants to eat a bag of potato chips and I just tell him that he can no longer have them. And yes, he still sneaks and cheats behind my back, but it's not nearly as bad or as often. His attitude is much improved. And we are entering the holiday season without chocolate. Yeah!!! He is still wearing shoes which is a miracle in my mind. And he is now wearing socks after years and years of refusing to consider socks.

I just continue to be thankful for the baby steps.

But I'm not opposed to wriring a book. Maybe my blog will be good reference for that one day down the line!


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