Saturday, November 01, 2008


Weight Watchers may not be the diet of choice for a diabetic, but it is the diet that hubby said he thought he could do. Only time will tell. This is the end of day 3 and he has stuck with it. He is starting to comprehend the concept of choices. He is asking me how many points items have. And I'm gently reminding him that he can eat anything he wants, but he has to count it.

So he has now been 3 whole days and has opted not to eat potato chips. That's a minor miracle!

I showed him that baked tortilla chips are less points than regular chips. He is catching on that whole wheat bread has less points than white bread and he is picking whole wheat tortillas over white bread.

He is still not checking his blood sugars. And he is sitting on a heating pad almost all day long because of his sciatic nerve.

He's gone 3 days with no soda. He's only had 1 chocolate bar that I know of and when I charged him 5 points for it and explained the glucose tablets would be 1 pt each - he totally got that!

He currently weighs 250 # and according to WW, he could lose up to 12 pounds the first week. I think that would motivate him completely. 4 more days and he can weigh himself. He just has to get the weight off. And so do I. He needs to lose 50# and I need to take off 30, so I estimate it will take us 6 months at a minimum. A full year at best.

Anyone else try WW as a diabetic? I'd be curious to know what the results are.


Janis said...

My sister did the weight watcher diet as a diabetic and in 6 months to a year she lost close to 80 pounds. She was very careful on choosing what to eat. She bought the cook book and made her own as opposed to just buying the meals. My Diabetic husband on the other hand.... didn't understand the concept of counting!! He chose to eat the meals and lots of them. some days forgot to count!! It just depends on how much effort you put into it.

Diabeteswife said...

Huge congrats to your sister! It's not easy, but we are sticking with it so far. Today is day 6 and although I'm counting points for him, he's doing quite well sticking with it. I'm doing all the cooking, so no chance for him to add meals. And I'm sticking pretty close to the kitchen! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I am not diabetic, but have been on Weight Watchers for five months because my diabetic husband was putting me down about my weight constantly. My husband does not exercise and I would love to get him to join weight watchers with me.