Monday, October 08, 2007

A mood a moment

I'm so tired of mood swings. But I relate them more and more to sugar levels. And I'm handling them a little better...I think. Today, we were joking and laughing about lunch. He said he didn't want to drive, so I said I'd drive, but he had to decide where we go to eat. He named a restuarant and I jokingly said, "Oh gag me!"

And he got mad. And immediately I thought, "he must be low". So I just said to him, "what is your problem....we are just joking..I don't care where we go to lunch"..and I think the tone of my voice must have said it all because he got over his fit real quick. He ate lunch and he was pefectly fine after that.

But it's enough to make me want to run away from home.


Jean said...

One of the major things my husband's diabetes has robbed me of is the ability to be myself around him. I simply cannot display my normal sense of humor around him anymore. Jokes are generally met with stony silence, and since his sugars are always wildly high, a simple attempt at humor can set him off for hours. It just isn't worth it to be authentic around him, and I've adopted a blander, more vanilla personality just for him. I never realized it til now, but the real me left this relationship a long time ago.

Diabeteswife said...

Oh Jean, this is just so sad. The one thing a woman should never do is change who she is for someone else....regardless of the reason. But I know what you's a battle I deal with on a daily basis...trying to stay "me" while living with him.



Anonymous said...

I have been married to my husband for 1 year with him for 2 years but I'm starting to wonder if i made a mistake, he has bad temper fits in which he calls me names & makes me feel quite stupid. Am i stupid for staying? is this just the dibeties? how much yelling is ok?