Monday, June 25, 2007

Is it a lie....or does he honestly not remember?

That's the problem with highs and lows and memory loss. He had a low this morning. So I said, "can you tell when you are having a high?" He said "huh"? I said, "well, I remember someone telling us that with a normal a1c, if you have a low, you have a countering high.

And he said, "my a1c was high, over 7" and I nearly fell off the bed. I KNOW he said it was normal. He said that all of his tests came back normal at the last testing.

So if he is having a low, with a high a1c, then he must be high a whole lot of the time.

I asked him if they had mentioned getting a pump. He said his insurance will not pay for a pump. I went to their website and sure enough, they WILL pay for a pump. But I'm not about to confront him as he's just mad tonight at the world. He is in such pain and his foot is just so horrible. Yet he still ate a bag of potato chips at dinner.

I'm about exhausted as I've been running up and down the stairs all day long fetching things for him. The neighbor came over and said we had a broken sprinkler, water was shooting into their yard. Hubby tried to tell me how to test the sprinklers, but I couldn't make it work so he went out to the garage and ran the test while I ran back and forth between the garage and the side yard trying to figure out what was wront. He finally told me to put a brick over it and sure enough, the water doesn't shoot into the neighbor's yard. But we will have to get it fixed this weekend. That little bit, just walking out to the garage, did him in. He was in bed all day long with an infection in his foot and he literally can't walk. And I can't continue to fetch things for him. I wonder where we go from here.

We've been at this since last Thursday. I'm taking a break and going off to visit my mom and my sister for the next 2 days. Scared to death to leave him alone, but know that I need a break and he has to make some choices about how long he goes without calling his doctor. I suggested that he get some crutches. Maybe it would help for him to take some of the pressure off that foot.

On the other hand, if he has a high a1c, I'm not sure much of anything will help. I'm tired of the lies. And if his brain cells are so fried he can't remember what he tells me, well, I'm tired of that, too.


Megan said...

I've been a pumper for a little over a year now. I can honestly say that it's changed my life, BUT, I will also say it takes a lot of commitment. Pumps without commitment to good control are nothing short of dangerous. If I recall correctly, your husband is on NPH and R at the moment. It's VERY hard to get any level of control on this regimen. It's pretty much out dated and sucky overall. A good alternative is to take Lantus once a day and use a rapid acting insulin with every meal. This means a minimum of 4 shots a day, but without the peaks of the NPH blood sugars are overall more stable. It utilized correctly with carb counting and ratios this type of plan also allows for a flexible diet. May be worth looking into. I don't get the impression that your husband tests during his lows. Sometimes people who typically run high feel low at normal numbers, which will result in a full slew of hypoglycemia symptoms without the actual hypoglycemia. This may be another thing contributing to his higher a1c. Good luck with figuring things out!

Jean said...

It may be that he truly doesn't remember. I've noticed for the past year or so now that my husband completely forgets entire conversations. As with most things with this disease, it's not a consistent symptom so I too wonder if he's really forgotten or just "conveniently" forgotten. He's had double-digit A1c's for most of the time I've known him, and one of the docs I transcribed for told me memory lapses and ultimately dementia were more common in diabetics and of course elevated even more in those who don't care for themselves.

I've noticed a lot more lethargy with my husband lately. He goes to work as normal but really lets things go with the lawn, car care, etc. Lots more sleeping and laying around during the day. So I wonder . . . is it just a normal phase of being tired out or is it depression, problems with the heart, failing kidneys or ???? It's to the point that I sometimes tiptoe to the side of the bed or sofa and just stand there til I see the rise and fall of his chest that lets me know he is still alive.

Anonymous said...

is he taking antibiotics for his foot infection?

seems odd that his doctor thought his feet were in good shape

not sure if he'd be willing, but maybe it is time for a new doctor

sounds like he could use some tough love from the medical community

best of luck

Diabeteswife said...

Lots can happen in 48 hours. He went to his doc who put him on prednisone thinking it could be gout. And gave him crutches. And told him to stay off his feet. Of course, we are discussing a guy who doesn't take orders from anyone! The prednisone did the trick and he went into the office today. At least he is back walking.

Megan, thank you for your comments. After reading them, I don't think my husband has the commitment to do a pump right now. And he's still so upset at needing to take 3 shots a day, I can't fathom he'd be willing to go to 4 shots at all.

The next time he says he's having a low, I think I will ask him to test just to make sure. Again, I can't tell you when the last time was that he tested. He says all his fingers and his arms are numb, he needs a break.

Jean, I'm going to start a new post on your comment next.