Friday, June 29, 2007

Foot xray today

As I log the journey that he has chosen, it seems to me that less and less makes much sense. Today he had his foot xrayed. Summary to date: Two weeks ago, it was just fine and he was walking better than ever while on vacation. Back home, swelling and pain so intense he could not walk for 4 days. Dr. treated it for a bunion. Put the circles on it, skin got white and raised up (died off). Then hubby decided it was gout, told the doc who put him on prednisone and crutches. Pain immediately subsides. But skin has now opened and is festered and oozing yellow puss. Doc orders xrays which were done today and he has an appointment on Tuesday to go see him.

Hubby refuses to put anything on the open wound, not even a bandaid. He is wearing socks and sandals. But cotton socks can get fibers into an open wound and I think he is almost wanting a worse infection, although I can't imagine why!

He continues to be extremely grumpy, so I have gone to my basement studio and am happy as a clam creating fun stuff. It's a work day and I'll venture he has spent less than an hour actually working. That concerns me, but until he gets laid off or fired, I'm not going to worry a whole lot about that as there just isn't a thing I can do.

He had steak fajitas for lunch. Far cry from what he is supposed to eat on his current diet to reduce his uric acid. Again, not a whole lot I can do.


Jean said...

The thought of wearing socks over an open wound creeps me out! Even in a non-diabetic it would be a very bad idea. Sometimes these guys they act like they're addicted to emotional and physical pain and thus compulsively create more problems for themselves to ensure a fresh fix of trouble.

Thank goodness you have your studio to escape to. We sure need those outlets, don't we!?!?! Right now mine is the backyard vegetable and flower gardens. It's a little paradise back there, and a good place for me to help keep things in perspective. I also signed up for a writing course with the Christian Writer's Guild last March, so that is something else I can focus on. Staying active with things I enjoy goes a long way to preserve my sanity!

Here's hoping you have a good weekend. Something tells me it's not going to be too easy for you when he's in pain and is dealing with that infection, but I know you'll manage!

Diabeteswife said...

Jean, your garden sounds wonderful! I should get out in mine a bit more often.

So far, the prednisone is holding and he is walking quite well. So his frustration level is way down. It's been a good weekend so far!

Yes....creative therapy is a great diversion to everyday life. My sis says it's fantasy...I told her it's survival! :o)

He goes to the sleep center Tuesday morning for 3 hours and then to his neuropathist in the afternoon to get the results of the xray and see what that doc has to say.