Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amazing stuff!

I had my last soda on May 12. I never thought I could do this....but I it's done. I no longer crave the stuff. I can sit with a group of friends who are slurping it down as fast as they can, and I don't crave it. Someone told me I would get to where I crave water. Well, I'm not there yet....but I am enjoying water more than ever.

I had my last candy bar on May 11. Not a bit of sugar since that date. No candy, cookies, chocolate, sweets. No sweetener. No stubsitutes.

And I am not craving them at all.

I started walking 3 miles a day on June 1. I have walked at least 10K steps every day except for 3 days. And I totally missed walking those days. I look forward to that hour alone in the early morning hours. Most days it's my only alone time since hubby works from home. I bought new walking shoes today! :o)

I have started holding classes in my studio. Meeting new people. And I've invited a group of friends to come over one day a month to create and share.

Little by little, I am starting to fix things, do some home repairs, put up lights where I want them....clean out boxes that have been stored away.

My life is back on track and I'm starting to enjoy each day once again.

I am denying my husband's diabetes for the time being. OK, I know that he has it....but I am refusing to allow it to consume my life. He can eat all the chocolate he wants...I'm not about to enable him. He can eat bags of potato chips and drink 12 cans of diet coke a day, I'm not going to join him. He can sit here on the sofa and sleep, watch TV, vegge out for hours on end....but I'm not going to join him.

Hopefully, one day soon, he will start to miss me and decide to join me. If not, I'm determined to continue to make healthy changes in my life as I watch this disease deteroriate his body and his life.

Amazing stuff? Yes, I am just so amazed that I am doing this on my own!

21 days of walking.

42 days of no sugar and no soda.



mel said...

Way to go!!! :)

..M.. said...

I'm SO impressed! Well done! Especially this bit: "My life is back on track and I'm starting to enjoy each day once again." - That must feel SO good!!

I hope hubby follows your lead - but even if he doesn't, It's GREAT that you're doing something for you :)

Simon said...

I'm pleased for you and I hope you are proud of your achievement, you certainly deserve to be!

You have started to take your life back for you, and that can only be good. You have given a vast amount of yourself to your husbandm you deserve some back for you. I hope he sees that and comes back from the brink.

Good on ya lass!

Diabeteswife said...

Maybe that's it. Maybe all of us who are spouses need to take back our lives and let our diabetic spouses make their own choice. Maybe I have been going through a sort of grief. I've grieved my loss of the man that I married. And now I have to let go. Let him continue on his self-destructive path while I get on with my life.

I know it will not be easy. But maybe if I can accept the fact that he has no desire to live, I can get on with the day-to-day living with him.

Not quit certain on that one! But time will tell. I also know that no matter what he does, I'm not going to let him drag me down into his mire with him,

Had my walk. And next is a full day with friends who are all artists! Hubby went into the office today so it should be fun!

I think I'm starting to hear the "smile" in me again!