Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 12 of my altered life

No soda, no sugar, no chocolate, no fried foods, nothing but healthy eating. And loads of water.

Next step is to add walking and exercise. Taking it slow. Living one day hour by hour. But I am feeling so much better.

Maybe simply because I'm making time to do something solely for me. Maybe because I am eating healthy.

Maybe just because it's time.


Robin said...

I'm so glad to hear it, dear Wife. :) That's how I got things going, too. I worked on what I was eating and how much, and now I've worked in exercise, as well. ...Mostly walking, but I go to the gym too, when I can. :)

I also use a couple of online sites, one of which I JUST joined. Feel free to look them over, if you want: and

Back in April, when I first read and commented on your blog, I weighed in at 290 or so. Today, I am at 275. :)

There is a clarity and a happiness that comes with eating healthily and taking care of your body. I'm so glad you know this, too. If only your DH could feel how that feels! So much better than what the diabetes does to him.

But you know. Sometimes, it is by living the way you can by example that you can inspire people. I truly believe this. I've found inspiration from you, as well as others who are working to make healthier lives for themselves. Thank you, Wife. :)

Diabeteswife said...

Thanks for the links! I had not been to either site before. Your weight loss is wonderful! Congratulations!!!