Friday, May 11, 2007

And the doctor said......

Well, he finally had his appointment with his doctor today. He has rescheduled it for 3 months now! So here's the outcome:

1. They are scheduling him for a sleep study (good!). He does scare me to death when he quits breathing in the middle of the night.

2. They are scheduling him to see a surgeon about the bunions on his feet. Not so sure how I feel about this one as I think it is tophi gout....but we will wait and see what the surgeon says.

3. Scheudling him to see a foot doctor since the uric acid levels continue to go down, but the swelling and nodules are still in his feet (different bumps and lumps from the ones the doctor thinks are bunions)

4. His prostate is enlarged. He has been having a weak urine sream. And they gave him 2 more prescriptions to handle this.

5. They told him to lose weight and to exercise.

And sent him off for a slew more labs that we won't know about for a week or so.

No new A1c yet. No new kidney function yet. Sigh.

I was out all day long and came home to find him with a bag of Dove chocolate in his hands. Sigh.

Life goes on. It's dinner out and a movie tonight.

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Lori Rode said...

Shouldn't they be able to tell the difference between a bunion & a tophi gout thingo, with an X-ray?

Silly doctors.

The rest sounds good. If they give him a cpap, encourage him to try it. both my husband and my father are totally different persons when they get good sleep. (PS. I wear earplugs, even with the CPAP.)