Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Melanoma or diabetic dermopathy or something else?

He has a spot on his left arm that he claims is skin cancer. He has had some of these burnt off in the past. His dad, also a diabetic, gets them and goes in every 3 months to have them all burned off. But about 4 weeks ago, this one developed a yellow tint to the edges, then started to grow as a lump. He scratches it, so the top is now a scab and it's hard to say what it might look like if he did not scratch it.

He went to a doctor today (finally, even though it was just a GP) and they are going to biopsy it tomorrow. He is certain that it is malignant cancer.

I think (due to the yellow edge around the scab) that it looks more like diabetic dermopathy or tophaceous gout.

I'm starting to think I should go to med school....just so I can understand what's going on. He is in complete denial that anything can be related to or caused by diabetes. I'm pretty sure everything new that is happening to him has some direct connection to his diabetes. I'd guess the answer is somewhere between those 2 factors.

It is exhausting some days just trying to stay one step ahead of what is happening to his body. There is still no change in his acceptance of this disease. I think there has been a change in me. This blog has been so good for me. It's at least a place where I can express my feelings rather than bottling them all up inside of me. I find myself getting out more, doing things with friends, creating a life for me. Perhaps I just got consumed with his disease and needed a few people to remind me that it's all his...not mine!

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whimsy2 said...

Good for you. This is Very Healthy! Keep it up - please.