Monday, January 15, 2007

January update

My gosh, I can't believe the month is almost half over already. Hubby's toe got so horrible that he took one of his needles and popped it! I dangerous is that? It drained forever, then collapsed inwards, turned totally black...and then healed! I could hardly believe my eyes. But it was only has started to swell, fester, turn red all over again.

Of course, now he will set a pattern and just pop it again when it gets so painful he can't stand it.

He "said" his doctor's visit was cancelled....but I'm beginning to wonder if he ever had one? He was supposed to reschedule today and did not. He is the worst person ever when it comes to going to see his MDs.

Our Christmas Eve was the absolute worst night of my life. His mother had a "melt down" (remember, she's the drama queen) while his dad and he were both going through sugar lows. Everyone was yelling and his mom was crying. I literally packed my bags up and told him I was heading home. Interesting how that shocked the insulin back into his system and he returned to a somewhat sane person. I stayed and the rest of our visit to his parents was halfway sane.

Things have been pretty calm since we returned. I think he realized that maybe he can't be there for every holiday, that when he is sick, he needs to just stay home and take care of himself. So all in all, the trip was an eye-opener and good for both of us.

His feet are still just horrible, but he is making a great effort to walk and do things. We leave in a week to go to southern California on a business/pleasure trip, so I'm very hopeful that we can make this trip and things will be good.

He has been pretty good at sticking to the low purine diet. But he is still eating way too much sugar/sweets. I feel sorry for him because I know how badly he wants a hamburger. And I'm so pleased that he has not given in. He's been on this new plan for 3 weeks now. At least it is a step in the right direction!

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whimsy2 said...

I hope you both realize that the eventual outcome of this is (at the very least)a toe amputation. Unless things change, it's only a matter of time. The only way to change this outcome is for him to get control of his BGs. I truly don't know how you have the strenth to sit back and watch him destroy himself, little by little. I know I wouldn't be able to.