Friday, December 08, 2006

Uric Acid and toe amputation

Well, he went to another doctor this week who told him his uric acid should be below 6 and it's over 11. If he doesn't get it down within the next 3 weeks, his toe will need to be amputated.

This doctor started him on 2 new drugs which are supposed to create even more diahrrea. Oh dear. And make him sleepy. The doctor told him even if he gets the uric acid to start to come down, it will take 10 years to get his feel straigtened out. So I suggested that 10 more years WITH his feet is better than having part amputated in 3 weeks. We will just have to survive the diahrrea and drowsiness somehow.

Enough to put the damper on even the brightest holiday season.

We have started the low purine diet. Any suggestions for great entrees that do not include meat, beans, sugar, cheese, eggs (need to get his cholesterol down as well). I think we will live on peanut butter for awhile!

Here's hoping your loved ones count 10 toes this holiday season.

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Chrissie in Belgium said...

If he likes peanutbutter try, really good wholewheat bread with a thin spread of peanutbutter and then crunchy fresh spinach and iceburg lettuce. Yum. I eat it every day! Diabetes is all about choices!