Tuesday, December 12, 2006

5 Days on, 1 Day off!

Well, we are making progress. He stuck to his low purine diet for 5 days, but sort of blew it tonight having shrimp, which is shellfish....and he didn't even think about it! But we will get back on tomorrow. I'm pretty proud of him for sticking to it for 5 days without a single trespass!

When I suggested that we just become vegetarians...I think he nearly lost it! So, we will just label ourselves as "low purine" people and see if we can stick to it for the next 5 days.

And so far, the only adverse reaction to his new drugs are the sleepiness. He just needs more and more naps throughout the day.


George said...

That is great to hear. Here's to another 5 days!

BetterCell said...

I just wanted to "comment" on a previous post of yours regarding "rights as a spouse".
Your husband can have low blood sugars and relate to you in a way that is hurting and negative to both you and the relationship because of it. He does not have to be unconscious or even forget what was said or done due to the hypoglycemia. To him, it will appear that everything is "normal" and correct including his anger. Low blood sugars interfere with neurotransmitters affecting his behavior and actions.