Friday, May 05, 2017

Midnight cramps

He is losing his sense of taste.

He is losing weight as he is not eating.

Last night he had severe cramps in his feet and legs.  He could not get out of bed.  His cell phone had fallen to the floor and he could not call me.  Then he had a sugar crash - due to anxiety?  He said that he finally managed to get up, take some glucose tabs, walk around and started getting better.  But he didn't sleep at all.

So today, he is exhausted, scared, frustrated, upset and hurting.  I suggested a call to his doctor and he declined.  So I'm keeping busy outside with gardening (tis the season!) and trying to keep things quiet for him.

I feel so bad for him.  Yet I know there's nothing that can be done.  I think if he'd call his doctor, they might do something for his pain.  But if he won't call the doctor - what can you do?

Tuesday he had his eye exam.  The cataracts are growing, but they didn't think a surgeon would touch him (he has cornea transplants in both eyes).  They are fitting him with a new contact lens that is deeper and larger in the hopes that it will stay in his eye and not pop out.  Then he just waits until the cataracts cause enough problem that they have to try surgery.

He had labs done that day, but he's refusing to look at them.  Sigh.  I would at least like to know if things are the same....but he doesn't want to know.  So I'll wait and see if the doctor calls him to come in for a visit.

Life with a non-compliant diabetic is not fun, that's for sure.  I know - I'm such a bundle of joy today!  So - on the happy side of life - I'm busy with 2 watercolor classes.  Have 2 fountains and the pond up and running.  Am putting up a decorative fence around the front yard.  And the list of things that I need to get done is a mile long so plenty to keep me outside as long as the weather holds nice.

I think gardening and painting balance out the sickness in the house.  Life is good!



Jojo said...

I have followed your blog for years you have me hope that I could handle the pain. Please keep posting.

Managing said...

How are you guys doing DW?
Your last post seemed so dire regarding his state of health.
Of course, it seems to me like every stage appears to be dire when you aren't the one experiencing it and you don't know the degree your DH is suffering..
Like he could die soon, anytime.
That's how I feel and my husband is still walking although pretty slowly and painfully.
You have sisters and other activities to help keep you at least some distracted and help to keep you from having every moment of your life be about DH's decline, yes?
I am praying that you and he have some real memorable loving honest time together before he does actually leave this world.
And, as I have told you before - one of the things I struggle with worrying about - that you are able to remember the wonderful man he was before all the illness and forget all the horribleness of his uncontrolled diabetic behavior and not be angry at his memory, at least eventually.
Anyway, I am pulling for you!
Persevere and be strong and resilient!
And know that by sharing your story honestly you are helping others.
With sincere good wishes for you both,