Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I was invited to travel to teach an art class not too far from hubby, so I came to see him.  His dad went into the hospital 2 nights ago for emergency surgery.  The pain meds caused delusions.  Last night, he saw a dog sitting on his lap.  Sort of funny.

Asked hubby how he was doing health wise.  He said he was fine.  But I couldn't help notice the odd shaped depends in his bathroom.  I'm sure they are made for men to catch urine at night.

Also saw that he has not dusted since I cleaned when I was here in January.  Dust so thick you can write in it.  Bathroom mirror covered with toothpaste spits.  Bathtub covered in dust.

Is he doing this just to see how long I will let it go before I clean?  Has he turned into his mom and simply not ever going to clean again?  I think it is so sad.  However, it is not my life and I am not his maid.  I'm not touching a thing.

He is being terribly sweet.  I am keeping my mouth shut.  It really is sad.  I no longer know this man. But then, we have been separated for 14 months, so why would I know him?

He looks puffy to me.  His clothes are skin tight.  I'm not planning to stay long.  It's so difficult keeping my mouth shut.  It breaks my heart to see him like this.  But I cannot fix him.  I cannot change him.  And I'm not going to be his maid.

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