Monday, January 07, 2013

Losing vision with lows

We were going into a small cafe at lunch today and hubby was having a low.  He couldn't see.  Scared me to death!!

Walked right up to the counter and told the first gal I saw that he was having a low, did they have OJ.   She brought him a tall glass so fast.....  And he was just fine.  But she was more upset than anyone.  Came over several times to check on him and said she knew she could find a candy bar if he needed one.  I just thought that was so cute!

Came home and he slept most of the afternoon.  Seemed to be just fine this evening.  I reminded him that hie as to take care of his himself so he can take care of his dad.  He promised to put glucose tabs in the truck.

I'm making great progress here and have a week left to go which will be so hard as there is still so much to do.  Happy with what is getting done!


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