Wednesday, April 04, 2012

a reader wrote:

Ok...I was going to write you this real long thing about how I am so glad I found your blog and I started going on about my situation, but then I realized that you're not my therapist. I just wanted to tell you that I am the wife (12 years) to a type 1 and reading your blog is the first time that I haven't felt alone. Thank you.

Yes, I'm not a therapist.  But sometimes, personal experience is better than practical advice.  I have yet to find a therapist who doesn't treat me like a textbook and I personally feel like I'm a person, not a book!  I haven't found one that is married to a diabetic, either.  So I'm not real sure the "advice" they give me is any good!!!  Plus, almost always, they tell me to spend my life supporting him, that I should eat what he needs to eat so that he will eat get my point!

I am a really good listener.  If you write and don't want me to copy it here, just tell me.  But then, once again, I think the more stories/feelings/emotions/problems that are out there, the more other readers might benefit from them.  It is so true that it helps just knowing we are not alone.

If you do email me outside this blog, just know that I do not always check this email daily.  But I'm getting better!

To the writer above, I am so happy you found me.  Now, go to my home page and look down the right side and you can find blogs of other spouses that write about their life - living with a diabetic spouse.  

Here's hoping we all have a quiet week!  I am headed back to visit mom on Thurs and will be gone most of the weekend.  It really does help to get away!!!



Lilly said...

And I will say it again... I am SO GLAD you started your blog! You also let me know that I wasn't alone, and gave me the courage to start my own.

Take care,


Mary said...

I am thankful for your blog. I have lost yet another friend because I needed someone to talk to about dh's diabetes craziness in my life.

I was telling my long time friend of over 20 years about one of dh's antics and she inferred that I was a liar and fabricating the whole story. I was in shock from her brutal verbal attack. I told her that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and let it go. I will not be contacting her in a very long time and if she tries to contact me I will be too busy, or too tired, or going out the door, to talk.

Dh does some crazy things and the most recent one is too unbelievable even for me but it really did happen. My diabetic dh has made my life unstable, uncertain, ending close friendships, ending family relationships, and caused financial hardships. My list goes on but I'll stop my complaining now.

Thanks DW for listening.