Monday, October 31, 2011

Comment on comments

Thought I should let my readers know that if you post a comment that contains a link to any kind of product, research group - anything wanting money, I will not approve the comment.   I'm sorry, but this is not about money and I don't feel right about assisting you in making money.

To the last comment - why would you even think my husband would get his hip replaced?  Obviously you have not read much of this blog and do not comprehend that he has decided against any future operations for any reason.  We will call hospice instead.  His choice.  But after what he went through in February, I do not blame him whatsoever.

I'm actually starting to wonder if his current intestinal problem is related to the surgery.  They did take his stomach, liver, intestines completely out of his body, then put them back in.  He had an ileus that did not want to heal.  I'm wondering if all those complications have lead him to where he is today.  He had a bowl of vegetable soup and passed gas all night long.  Non-stop.  It was so bad that I was sick to my stomach this morning from the smells.

He has given up all milk products because of this.  Then he gave up bread.  Soup should not cause this.  Bread should not cause this.  I asked him this morning to call his doctor because I know this is not normal and it's been going on for at least 3 months.  He did not call.  Tonight he had a steak and if he is awake all night again, I'm going to really push for a doctor's visit.

I also wonder if it could be neuropathy in his intestines.  His glucose is still running in the upper 200s.

It's interesting to keep a diary like this on the decline of body functions due to uncontrolled diabetes.  I wonder if anyone else has ever done this for their spouse.  It's not easy.  Sometimes I get so used to what' s going on that I don't think it's worth noting.  Other days there's so much going on I don't have the energy to write it down.  I apologize for the grossness of some of what I write, but it is reality.

We are now to the point where finding something that he thinks he can eat is getting rather difficult.  He has quit bread, dairy, most tomato based foods and a few other things that he thinks has made him have gas.  But he still eats sweets and potato chips by the bag.  Go figure.



Mildred Ratched said...

I'm brand new to your blog (and a diabetic myself). I suffer from gastroparesis (neuropathy of the digestive system). The symptoms you described may be from it. Has he ever been tested for gastroaparesis?

Mary said...

I wonder about that too. Dh has explosive diarrhea, gas, and his stomach swells after he eats.

His doctor doesn't seem concerned. He tells dh to eat more fiber. Yeah, right, like that only makes it worse. I sound so bitter and I try not to be but truth is a bitter pill to swallow.:P

The neuropathy isn't picky about where it stikes. Dh has a blind spot in his vision (he continues to drive), he can't feel his toes, and the dr. thinks nerves are dying in his leg because of the tingling feeling, redness, and itching.

We deal with these problems day-to-day and they seem commonplace. Sometimes I forget what it used to be like to live a normal life without diabetes interference.

Diabeteswife said...

Mildred - he refuses to be tested, refuses to go to the doc. Right now I'm just trying to get him to do labs.

Mildred Ovaltine Ratched said...

Diabeteswife, I'm sorry to hear that. And Mary, if he has gastroparesis, fiber is the worst thing for him to eat. No frest fruits or veggies and only things easy to digest. I eat a lot of cottage cheese and applesauce.

Lilly said...

My husband has gastroparesis. I eat a lot of salads, and he enjoys them too. But once he has one, he usually doesn't have another one for days, as it gives him non-stop diarrhea. I really am not sure what else bothers him, as he loves his chips and junk, and claims to have no problem with any of it. I find this hard to believe . . .