Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Home alone!

Well, for a little bit. He got called in to jury duty.  He never leaves home. He works from home. So I am guaranteed at least 3 hours alone at home this morning. LOL!

I don't know what to do first!  I think I might take a long hot bath. Or play the piano and sing my heart out!

This week's update:

I cannot believe how time flies. He is still having smelly farts. Long nights of diarrhea. I have learned to sleep through most of it. I have decided that unconsciousness is a good state to be in! :o)

His hips are so bad now that he is limping and hobbling when he walks.  He agreed that when it gets bad enough, he will most like call the surgeon.  I gave him my blessing and reminded him that I would not be in attendance.  I think he doesn't really believe me.

We are finding more and more things he cannot eat. I think this is a normal process as the neuropathy of the intestines increases.  Those nerve endings are being killed off little by little, so less that he is able to digest.

Sugar still running around 300. BP still high even with 4 meds.  Still making adjustments. Will it ever end?

We had a very quiet Labor Day weekend. He laid on the sofa and watched movies the entire time. I kept myself busy with ebay and sorting/cleaning out. I enjoy quiet weekends. I plan to enjoy today, no matter how long my respite lasts!

I will head to mom's, then camping, then time with my sister later this week. Will be great!


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Lilly said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet at home while you can. It's so hard when they are always there! Enjoy your upcoming weekend as well. Sounds like a lot of fun.