Thursday, August 11, 2011

Been playing

Decided to go visit mom, my youngest sis and my brother this week.  It was great!  Just got home.

Here's the funny thing. Every time I leave, hubby has something go wrong.  This week, he had the flu and a temp of 102.  He wasn't sick when I left, wasn't sick when I got home, but claims that while I was gone, he was sick.

And something like this happens every single time I'm gone.  So I need to start keeping a record of it here.

Personally, I think he is trying to manipulate me, make me feel bad and make me want to stay home.  Probably not going to happen.  I'm off to see my other 2 sisters next week. I sure wish we all lived in the same location, but we don't.  2 hours one way this week, 3 hours another way next week.  The good thing is that I am getting out more and more, seeing them more.  I just love it!

Today I also saw my son's other grandmother.  She is 80 and in a nursing home close to my mom.  It was so sad.  She is so weak, on oxygen, in a wheelchair, looks absolutely worn out and I just kept thinking that I cannot let myself ever get into that condition. Granted she has had 2 strokes, bypass surgery and is diabetic.  But I would rather die than be where she is.  So a good example, a good eye-opener that I need to do whatever it takes to get and keep my health.

And yes, I'll be painting another wall this weekend!



Anonymous said...

just one person's opinion? its probably just as well that family lives a few hours away. it gives you the opportunity to really get away. I agree his illnesses, even if real, don't sound serious and may truly be a way of trying to pull on your sympathetic heart.

Of course, having a family member just ten minutes away is really nice also. There is never a perfect situation is there?

Lilly said...

It's so healthy for you that you continue to go see your sisters, and in the greater scheme of things, maybe the distance is also a good thing. You are not easily accessible to him when you are there!