Tuesday, March 08, 2011

her husband's been SIX years on dialysis and still says it's not diabetes???

Tina wrote:
OMG! What a nightmare we are all living through! My hubby is in esrd, on dialysis for 6 years, on transplant list (numerous complications stop the transplant from happening) ... has HBP, diabetes, and all the other wonderful problems that all of our hubby's have, but of course, it is not the diabetes! He is totally non-compliant and takes meds to "control HBP, and all the other issues). He was admitted to the hospital today after he took a bad fall, high heart rate, and just totally feeling terrible. But, I must remember "it has nothing to do with diabetes" ... are you ******* kidding me! Anyway, my heart breaks for all of us ... it is so hard being a "wife of a diabetic" ... Love and prayers to all!

Dear Tina,
So happy to have you post your comment.  It is utterly beyond my comprehension that someone who is in ESRD is still in denial!  Is that where the current medical world has taken us?  I know that the medical professionals have been trained to take any spot of hope they have for the patient and focus on that.  They are not allowed to say the truth as to what a "forecast" for their life might be.  But seriously....esrd and he's in denial?

But it gives me a little insight to a diabetic who is in denial.  I suppose it never ends....no matter what stage they are in. If they can't get past the denial process....they will never accept what the disease does to them.

How do you survive?

How have you managed 6 years of dialysis?  I am not that strong.  I know I would leave.

How can he live that long and not be compliant?

I know I could learn from you.  Seriously.  If you feel like writing again, give us some insight as to how you have survived this long.


Having a terrible day here.  Someone hijacked my email and sent out one of those things saying I was in a foreign country and to send money.  Got that all fixed, then the ipod I was transferring music to locked in sync mode.  Had to figure out how to undo that and start over.....then the fan that I put my laptop on burnt out.  I swear....I think I'll go to bed and just stay there!  LOL!!!


Hubby is really cold today. House is at the normal temp where we always keep it.  I turned the fireplace on and he is under 3 blankets.  I'm thinking I'm going to go put a bikini on so I can survive.  Had him test and he's not running low, so no idea what's going on to make him so cold.  He seems to be more tired today.  Took a 4 hour nap earlier.  Not sitting up as much, says he's just exhausted.

Everyone around us has the flu.  I put a sign on the front door asking people to not come in if they've been exposed to anything.

Think it's time for a long hot bubble bath.  Maybe that's how we survive....pamper ourselves from time to time.  Today I'm trying to survive from one crisis to the next!



Lynn Barry said...

My hubby was in denial for years... so that is why at some point I told him I was not going to call in his pills pick them up and put them in the weekly pill dispenser...I wanted him to own the fact that he is diabetic...It was scary and one of our sons was mad at me...thought I didn't care about him...now he sees for us it worked/works...but hubby can still take care of it...if the day comes, I will help of course...but for him it MADE him accept his disease and deal with it...I also did it because I felt that if I had that many health problems I couldn't see him taking care of my pills etc...I knew I would have to...and I do for me now that I do have a disease...so any way...they HAVE to accept and embrace the disease...otherwise it's ALL on US and that's not fair to either of us. RIGHT LADIES?
Enjoy the bubble bath...I started doing yoga and that seems to help me with everything! HUGS and LOVE
PS cold? how is his thyroid?

Lilly said...

Best wishes to Tina, as I can't imagine how hard 6 years of dialysis and counting must be! She could probably teach us ALL something.

As for your hubby being cold, is he running a fever? Usually when my husband is complaining about being cold, he has one. Might want to check (or maybe you already have). Wondering if there could be a low-grade infection going on after all his problems in the hospital, etc.

tina said...

How have I survived this long ... well, I just love him. Year 1 went into year 2, into year 3 and so on and so on ... you get the picture. It has been really hard. As we are in year 6, I have been through the ups and downs, the driving nightmares, (I will not get into the car with him if he even thinks of driving, I am the permanent driver). As I read all of the posts on this site, I really feel for each and everyone of us that have to live through this nightmare! In my situation, my hubby has really been sort of healthy (maybe healthy is not the right word, but I guess he has not had all the "bonus issues" that I have read about). It has caught up to him. As I chat, he is in the hospital with a very high heart rate (they are treating him to hopefully make sure he does not have a stroke) he has a blood infection, (not sure how or where he got this), and the list goes on and on ... but onto the hospital care as a whole.

He is a diabetic on dialysis, in the hospital with very little restrictions on his fluid intake, are you ******* kidding me. Obviously, this man cannot control his fluid intake by himself, so why do the nurses just come in and give him cups (20oz.each) of water and of course, my favorite, ginger ale (not diet, duh, he is a diabetic) and of course, he says nothing and just drinks it all down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess when I really think of how I have survived the last 6 years, I will say prayers and lots of them! A really "bad" sense of humor! And, finally, just one day at a time. I have an awesome family whom I have gotten a ton of support from.

I was listening to a talk show on the radio the other day and the speaker said "you can't climb over crap ... you just have to go through it". It made me chuckle to hear that, but maybe it's true! So I guess I just am in my really, really high "fishing boots" and "trudging through the crap!"

So onto my "bad sense of humor", I will end my story here for the night because I gotta get my rest, because I just feel that it's going to be a really "crappy" day tomorrow!!!!

Sleep well my sisters ... my prayers and love are with each and every one of us!