Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My sister came down yesterday. Again. We figured out that we are 2 1/2 months into 2011.....and she has spent a full month at our house. Mostly helping me through hubby's surgeries and recovery.

But this time, she came down to play. And that is all we have done. Hubby is doing well enough that I'm comfortable leaving him for extended periods of time.....but never more than 30 minutes from the house. He's done just fine. Sis and I have been shopping, doing art, sorting through craft things....and I am exhausted....but ever so happy.

And while life will never be "normal".....this is so good for me and for her. We are still talking about everything that went wrong in the hospital, and everything that's gone so right since he got home. We are doing fun things together.....being sisters. How healing is that? While I have 3 sisters, this one is my best friend. We are just a year apart in age and have so much in common....but are completely different. Basically, we just enjoy being together - in good times and in bad times.

It's so theraputic to simply get away from diabetes. To go off and spend a whole day not thinking about it at all. To be "free" from the worry. It was wonderful! And to tell you the truth, I don't feel guilty and I know I need to do this a little more often.

Tomorrow, day 3, we are going to stay home, but we have an art project we are going to do that will consume the bigger share ofthe day. I'm really looking forward to that.

The great news is that yesterday afternoon, we managed to get over 3/4 of our basement completely cleaned out. Took a full load to the thrift store today and she is taking a car load to a family in need near her. She lives nearly 3 hours away from me, so it's not like we can get together every week. This year has been exceptional due to hubby's hospitalization. But it's made us realize that we both want to live next to each other and amazingly, hubby has agreed. I think he sees how much support she has provided me. It's just that with both guys working so far apart...it's going to be a bit before any of us can move.

But to that end....my goal for this year is to downsize enough that we could move into a 1 level home....something wheelchaire accessible. I truly had never given a wheelchair a thought and when I attempted to get the 210 pound physical therapist down the ramps, I realized there was no way I could get my husband down them.....let alone up them. We simply have to move while we still can. Something I had honestly never given a thought to.

So, my sister and I were chatting today and she asked, "5 years ago, did you ever think you'd need to have a wheelchair and ramps in your home?' Of course, my answer was that I hadn't even considered it a year ago!" Interesting how the side effects of diabetes sometimes have a greater impact on our lives than what the actal diabetes has.

Bottom line - he's doing ok, and I'm finally having a bit of fun! Know that it won't last....but enjoying it while it does!



Lilly said...

Funny you should mention cleaning out your basement, as I have been hauling mine out the last couple of weeks.

Good for you that you are spending some quality time with your sister having fun, for a change! And good that you can leave hubby alone, at least for awhile. Take care.

Lynn Barry said...

OMG HALLELUIAH!!!!!!!!!!! You are an inspiration! What an uplifting blog...you truly have it all together and show resilience in the face of difficult challenges. AMEN, SISTER! XOXOXO

Crazy Wife said...

Glad to hear that you are taking care of YOU! You certainly deserve it. Some times I am jealous that you have the will power to do it for you. I often find I always put myself aside. Perhaps that is why am in a funk. Anyway, good to see that not only are you doing something you love (art)but are also doing it with your best friend (sister).