Monday, January 17, 2011

It was a wonderful weekend!

My sister is too funny. Our brother is having surgery by a surgeon close to her, so he is going to be spending his recovery time with her. Surgery is on 1/20. She called me Friday morning and said, can I come down for the weekend? I need to get away!

Of course I love having her here and we played all weekend. We had the pizza party with our other friends and it was just a hoot.

But don't for one second get me wrong. I have plenty of moments where I get so mad because living with a diabetic is NOT the life I ever asked for, wanted, envisioned, or deserve. I'm just going through my own denial phase and ignoring the fact.

No, I think I've simply turned it all over to him. Once again, it's his disease, not mine. My life goes on. And I'm going to do the best that I can to enjoy it and live it. He can live in his own depression and I will fight every second to stay away from it.

And at least for this last weekend, it worked.

I did have a little pep talk with him and informed him that he could not go to the bedroom until 9 pm each night. And that he had to be social, whether he liked it or not.

He did good! LOL!!!

His sugars are running way too high. About 220 when he wakes up. He did labs this morning. Cannot even fathom what the A1c will come in at. It's not in yet. I just checked and some of the others are back. Triglicerides are at 669. Alt is 84 - liver problems now? He has an appt with his primary on Thurs, will know more then.



Lynn Barry said...

My hubby's readings are always over 220...they finally upped his insulin yesterday so we are hoping the readings will go down. AGAIN, you sound good and GOOD FOR YOU!

Lilly said...

So nice that you had a great weekend before the big surgery. Just realized that surgery for your hubby is today. Will pray that everything goes well for both of you! Take care of yourself in the midst of everything . . .

Diabeteswife said...

Lilly, brother did have knee surgery on the 20th. Hubby has spinal fusion surgery next Mon & Wed. A busy household here, needless to say!