Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hip replacement

For quite some time now, he's had severe hip pain. His doctors have told him he needs to have it replaced. He informed me today that he's calling them tomorrow to start talking about having it done.

I worry. They have said his kidney function is so low that he can't have anesthesia. Can they do a replacement with a spinal block? Will his kidneys handle that? It's just more drugs/meds that get into the system that have to be filtered somehow.

I realize the severe pain he is in. He's hobbling again. This time from the hip, not his feet.

Yet he still won't alter how he eats. Or test his sugar levels. Or do anything to help change the situation. He'd rather have a juicy fat steak (last night) and go through surgery than lose 100 pounds and relieve the pressure on his hips.


I asked him how long the recovery would be and he said 6 weeks. I asked if he planned to do it upstairs or downstairs and he said he would have to stay on the main level until he could do the stairs, but then he would be upstairs in the bedroom.

I assume there will be a lengthy pre-surgery process through the insurance company. So I don't think this will happen soon. I assume that I'll get my workout in going up and down the stairs 50 times a day like when he had his foot surgery.

I think I'm tired just thinking about it! LOL!!!


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