Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeding diabetes

someone commented:

I am a type 1 diabetic, and suffer from anger when my levels are low, although my anger isn't as bad as your husbands.

My diabetes is reasonably well controlled and it still happens to me a few times a year, and I'm rarely aware of it happening before its too late.

I am normally a very soft and gentle character but when my levels are low its like it just explodes from knowhere.
I hate myself after it happens and have even broken my hand punching the floor to vent it.
The best advise I can give is to make sure your husband always has breakfast asap, avoid confrontation and talk to him about his diabetes control in the evening and if he won't listen talk to his doctor/specialist.

and I want to thank you for the comments. But wow- hubby has never broken a bone in his anger - yet!

I do agree that eating seems to be the key to controlling the lows. He's been on a business trip and got up early today to fly home. Didn't eat. And his plane was delayed. So, of course, when he got here, he was cranky. I remained quiet til we got home and fed him immediately - and then he was fine.

Now - if I can figure that out, why can't he? LOL! You definitely have to "feed" the lows.

For the most part, things are moving along fairly calmly here. I believe that for right now, the docs have his meds sorted out and as long as he eats a little something several times a day, he seems to remain on a pretty even keel. And I'm quite happy with where we are - a far cry from a couple of years ago.

We have quite a bit of travel coming up, so we'll see how he does. His hip seems to have calmed down for right now. But then he was at sea level for the past week and I always think that helps him with his pain and comfort levels.


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Fran said...

DW - It's been almost a year since I have been active. All hell has broken out. I remember making note telling you that we were moving from one state to another. Well we did and from day one hell began. He is now on dialysis three times a week, never takes his meds and he has tones of them. HE ONLY TAKES HIS INSULIN WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT AND THE BLOCKERS HE IS SUPPOSED TO TAKE WHILE HAVING DIALYSIS IS NEVER TAKEN.

He never talks to me unless he is angry and all he talks about is money, money, money. Since I don't have any he makes a point of reminding me how much he does for me. He tells some family members and friends that I am worthless and that he will be moving to GA to buy a house. Well, his irresponsibility made him lose his house and caused him to be in a financial mess. Thank goodness i did not have any interst in HIS house.

He had a second car accident(he's legally blind and has no license) in his precious Cadillac. That cost him over 9 thousand dollars to fix. I'm still trying to figure out why you would fix a car you can't drive. I took my name off all of his vechiles and cancelled the insurance before his accident, because I could not keep him from driving.

When he was in the hospital Sept 08, is when they discovered he would need dialyis for the rest of his life. It was alo the time I found out about three (3) yep, three girl friends. I had taken his cell phone. One woman told me she would call him anyway, after I told her not to call and that I was his wife. He told me I had no right to delete their names and numbers from his cell phone! I pay the bill, it's in my name. WOW!!

Anyway, I moved out the bedroom last year too and he indicated that if I do do what he wants things would be better?! I have a strong belief that I would be sleeping with the devil and I don't want to sell my soul.

This journey has been long, very painful and lonely.

While I understand and have been through this desease with him, I can no longer take his crap. My "friends" say I should get back in the bedroom, they say you know how he is, you adjust!

How long do I stay, I don't know but I do know that I have prayed for God to just take him. How long will he last on dialysis if he is not taking any of his meds? And now he wants a transplant. Dr said no transplant unless he completly changes and takes his meds, exercises, etc.
I know asking God to take him was not the right thing to do, but God knows the truth within me. I have asked for forgiveness for that, but at least I said the truth.

There is no support for us in the flesh and all the web sites are for diabetics. I can't imagine how many of us are out there looking for help. This is my only outlet and I have missed it.

DW it sounds like you have a real handle on all of this, "GOD BLESS YOU!" I pray for peace, love, intimacy, affection, my self-esteem back, a job and secretely, a male companion! Shameful as it may be, I need to feel like a woman again.

We are moving this weekend and am looking foward to being back with my children and grands.

I will be praying for all of us and for our spouses. After I get settled, I'll be back. Fran