Saturday, March 15, 2008


Life can be such a zoo. We are at my in-laws. Hubby's dad is diabetic, type 2, as well. His mom has these "attacks" and "spells" which I do believe are her way of getting my father-in-law to pump up in order to prevent a crash. It's so sad to watch. He starts to go into a sugar low, she has an "attack", he needs to "rescue" her which pumps him up and his sugar goes back to a normal. It's a near constant cycle here.

Plus, this time, they have the thermostat set at 85 degrees. We keep ours between 68 and 72. I am just roasting. Even hubby is sweating!

I'm very grateful to have an art buddy here, so for the past 3 days, we have been off shopping, desigining, creating and exploring some places about 2 hours from here that I've never been to before...little tourist trap communities. It's been quite fun, gets me out of this situation during the day and has truly inspired the creative side of me.

So now, after 3 days, hubby is whining and complaining that I "don't love him, don't want to be around him, would rather be with anyone else than him" tomorrow, I will give him the entire day. Wanna bet he sleeps the whole day? LOLOL!!!

Hubby has actually been doing pretty well here. I almost think he has to be the "strong" one for his parents.

We are talking about joining Nutri System when we get back home. Anyone have thoughts on their diabetic diet? Hubby has gained at least 40 - 50 pounds this past year and he needs to do something. And he can't do it on his own.


M said...

Hi DW,
I am glad that you are enjoying your visit.
We have been to a diabetic nutrician counselor twice in the last three years. Portion control is a big issue in our house. I prepare the meals measure out the amount of food recommended. After we eat, dh goes foraging through the kitchen and eats the left-overs before they become left-overs. We do not eat rice, potatoes or white bread. I do not have problems with my blood sugar levels but I only like to prepare one meal for both of us to eat. Dh has been losing weight since he has doubled his diabetic medication and his sugar is in control. When his sugar is high he starts to retain fluids and swells up. We try to eat natural unprocessed foods.

whimsy2 said...

I don't know about the NutriSystem diabetic diet but if they base it on the ADA, forget about it. If you're serious about weight loss, I strongly suggest reading "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solutions". If he/you follow the suggestions in the book, not only will you lose weight, his BGs will go down dramatically. Of course, he'll have to reduce his diabetic meds too, otherwise he'll go low.