Friday, December 26, 2008


The gout in his knee is gone. He's back to moving around. We've had a very quiet holiday so far, and it has been so nice. I'm getting some much needed rest.

I overheard him tell his dad yesterday that he is probably going to have his hip replaced. News to me! No surprise - but it would be nice if he would talk to me about stuff like this. could just be a comment that he is making to his dad to get out of making the drive to see them - and that's fine with me. But if he does get it replaced....he is either going to set up a bed on the main floor or hire a nurse - I'm not going to run up and down stairs after him like I did when he had his foot surgery!

Overall, things are going extremely well. I'm letting him take a break from "healthy eating" for 2 weeks - then I'm going to make him do better. Well, he really hasn't done too bad - but I'm just not forcing it on him right now. I noticed immediately he's back to eating a whole bag of potato chips - but he's letting me buy "lite" and they are about 1/3 the size of a bag and 1/3 the calories and fat - so still a huge improvement over where we were a few weeks ago!


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