Friday, May 18, 2007

Long distance lows

What do you do when you are 3 hours away and you know he is having a low?

The plans are that he drive up this evening with the ATV and we go out tomorrow with my sis and her hubby. Granted, we have not been out since last fall and this is an unplanned trip. He has called me numerous times looking for things that he needs for the ride. Goves, goggles, etc.

So he calls me a little bit ago and says, "I am really getting tired of this Easter egg hunt you are taking me on. Where did you put the trailer hitch?" I said, "I wouldn't have put it anywhere, you would have put it up." And he said, "You took it off the truck." And I said, "No, that's something you would have done." And he replied, "I don't know why you take it off, but you always take it off the truck." And I said, "I don't need this, goodbye."

Now...a bit of logic thinking. The truck is his. I have a 4WD vehicle. "My" trailer hitch is on my vehicle. So why on earth would I take his off? and leave mine on? So I can tell he is not thinking well and therefore, must be in a low. I'm not there, so I can't tell for sure. But the one thing I do know is that I have never taken the trailer hitch off his truck. I would have no reason to do that.

So once again, I'm sure he has not eaten a thing all day long, (I wasn't there to fix meals for him) he is trying to do something and it's not working for him, so he is calling me, 3 hours away from him, and blaming all the problems on me.

Well, that tells me a couple of things. I can't escape his lows no matter where I am. And it reinforces what a lovely week I've had.

I think if he calls me one more time, I will just tell him nicely to stay home. It's just not worth the frustration of all this.

And I have had such a lovely week. So much that I am dreading going home. Now, isn't that sad?

No answers needed....I'm just thinking out loud, and documenting yet one more incident because I know he will not remember that he blamed me for this.

Note to self. When you get home, go buy some type of shelving for the garage where everything is out in the open. Most likely he looked inside the tub and there was a jacket or blanket on top that he did not bother to remove. So you need to put everything out in the open where it can be easily found.

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Lori Rode said...

What a yucky phone call. Why not open with "I just called to ruin your day." ? If you could, that call alone would be evidence enough to me that he should be in therapy, either by himself or with you in the room.

I'm sorry it happened to you. I wish there were a way to know about your & your sisters jewelry line without ruining your anonymity.

You deserve your anonymity, dear wife, so hang in there. I made an anonymous blog for myself the other day. It is a different feeling when one can totally not be identified. ('Course, then, I told my husband.)

Hugs to you, dear wife! Enjoy your time off-duty.