Sunday, December 09, 2007

Understanding adrenaline

Obviously this is in response to a comment that I rejected.


The main cause of diabetes is the western diet--based on refined carbohydrates that rush sugar into the bloodstream, trans fatty acids that interfere with insulin receptors in the cells, and difficult-to-digest foods like pasteurized milk and modern soy foods that put a strain on the pancreas--but another cause of chronic high blood sugar levels, one that is often overlooked, is stress. Under stress, the adrenal glands produce adrenaline, an important stimulus for the production of glucagon, which raises blood sugar levels and allows the body to react with a "fight or flight" response. Chronic stress--the stress on the adult in the workplace, the stress on the student under pressure to perform, the stress on the child expected to conform to rigid guidelines or who has been sexually or emotionally abused, even the stress of a spiritual or religious outlook that assumes a clockwork universe or a vengeful god--results in constant outpourings of adrenaline resulting in overstimulation of glucagon to keep blood sugar levels high. The body then responds with increased production of insulin to bring blood sugar levels down.

So, when hubby is having a low, a good fight with me does the same thing as the stress mentioned above. Sugar is released into his body. There is an increased production of insulin to bring the sugars down. It is nothing but a vicious cycle....but it is his body's way of fighting to bring him from a low to a high to a normal.

A good fight increases sugar, and increases insulin production, gets him from his low to a high and back to a normal.

I think I'd rather he hit his thumb good and hard with a hammer, in time he starts an argument and I realize it's a low...I think I'll just hand him a hammer! LOL!


Sara said...

Yes, but he is diabetic. While his liver works well to pump out the glucose, it is the rest of the system that is broken. His body is either not producing enough insulin or not using it well. I am not sure how well he goes back to 'normal' after the fight. He probably isn't either if he is not testing enough.

Have you ever offered him juice during a low? That's my favorite treatment.

Diabeteswife said...

His pancreas does not produce insulin. He has not tested his blood levels in at least 4 months.

Hmmm....offer an angry 50-something year old man juice when he is yelling? I don't think so! LOL! He really hates juice of any kind on a normal day. He would throw it at me during a low. Best I can do is just suggest that he eat something. But lately, it's been quicker and easier just to argue with him for about 10 minutes....then I know it's over, so I just walk away. Interesting way to resolve a low, huh? I'm sure that what works for one won't work for another. But it makes total sense to me that his body needs to readjust and a good blow to the thumb with a hammer just isn't going to happen!