Saturday, September 15, 2007

On driving (me nuts?) :o)

I've notice in the past 2 months that he asks me to drive everywhere we go. It's a slow transition and I didn't even notice until today when he wanted me to drive and I just didn't feel like it. But I did.

Perhaps he is realizing that there is a risk having him behind the wheel? But do I have the energy to play chauffer? Not today! But maybe tomorrow. We are driving to the ocean leaving Friday and I know that I cannot drive the whole distance. But how much should I let him drive? We are breaking the trip up into 3 days. Hotel on Friday night, his parents on Sat and Sun nite, the the ocean on Monday.

But due to my appointments and his surgery schedule, we will be in LA on Monday morning (10/1) and then 1200 miles home that night. YIKES! I'm sure we will be driving into the wee hours of the morning. I'm hoping I can snooze during surgery.

He will be on crutches afterwards and I wonder if I have the energy to be his go-fer girl?

Today, he is not moving about too much...lounging on the sofa, watching TV. His foot just causes him too much pain when he walks.

The doc gave him and Rx for othotics last months. Has he scheduled an appointment yet? No!

His CPap mask needs to be recalibrated (for 3 weeks now)...has e done that? No!

Can I fix him? No! LOLOL!!!

I'm spending the rest of my day in my studio creating, designing and playing! :o)

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