Saturday, July 28, 2007

A week of quiet!

A business trip took my hubby out of the country today and I am looking forward to a week of quiet, so I won't be posting unless he calls with problems.

My sis is coming over the first part of the week, I'll go visit mom for a couple of days and then an artist pal is coming over and we will be designing and creating towards the end of the week. Should be great fun!


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Jean said...

Here's hoping there are no problems, and you can just enjoy your week fully! It sounds heavenly to me.

Hubby has been "in a mood" for the entire weekend. Fortunately, his work schedule has him gone for 12 hours a day and sleeping much of the rest of the time, so I am able to cope okay. He has been eating so crazy - bowl after bowl of cereal and king size candy bars - and ignoring the healthy, fresh-from-the-garden produce I put on the table. Oh well, more good stuff for me!