Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Some FUN stuff!

About 3 years ago, we took a cruise and stopped in a little known port on the south coast of Mexico.....way the heck down there. A new port, little used. Absolutely fell in love with the place and swore we would go back.

So yesterday, I got one of those last minute deals where they haven't filled up the this very such a cheap rate I couldn't believe it! I showed it to hubby and he said, "book it!" OK...."last minute" is very literal. We leave in 2 days!!!

We've been running around trying to get stuff together. We both love to snorkel. It's a very relaxing thing as you just float on top of the ocean and look down at all the beauty below. Hubby tried on his fins.....of course they don't fit. His feet are so swollen these days. He has decided to just rent a pair when we get there.

I'm just so beside myself that he agreed to do something. And even if he just sits in the hotel room, sleeps and relaxes....there will not be much to stop me from going out exploring and seeing the area. I can hardly wait!

And on a different positive note. I have started a 21 day "give it up" thing. About 4 weeks ago, I gave up soda and sugar. I made it 21 days and obviously am still not using it. Amazing the difference in my own life. One week ago, I started walking 3 miles a day. Will continue that for 21 days (and then past that, of course). In 2 more weeks, I hope to give up white flour.

With these changes, he is grudgingly making a few changes. I refuse to cook 2 different meals, so he has to eat salad with me or get up and fix his own meal. So at least that gets him off the sofa! I told him that I don't care what he eats, but he has to be supportive of me. I haven't seen a bag of candy in a week. Now if I could just explain to him that I don't want potato chips in the house......

And I've told him I'm not going out to eat except once a week. Well, we've been out twice this week and will obviously eat out next week, but when we get back's back to fixing salads and grilling chicken and fish here.

OK...I will settle for baby steps. He walked 4 blocks with me this week as I told him I need to get in 10K steps per day and I was only at 9500....and wanted to take the dogs for a walk, but couldn't handle both of them at once. So he joined me. I think I see many days in the future where I just can't get in 10K steps! :o)

This blog is very good for me as when I reread it, I see that I am the one who has a life and I'm not ready to give up on it just yet. Hopefully with the changes that I make, he will follow. Who knows? I've decided it's worth a try.

Plus....I'm feeling better. I know that I need to build muscle. I need to increase my circulation. So walking is it for me. I hope to get to 5 miles a day....but I also know that will take time.

It takes me an hour to walk 3 miles. And I realized today that is a full hour I have away from the house....with time to think, time to be alone, time to pray. It's time that I need.

He's been a bit grumpy about all of this. But I keep reminding him that I need to be healthy. I tell him that I'm doing this so I will feel better. And he hasn't argued with that too much.

But I still find entire bags of potato chips that he downed in one setting. Sigh.

Maybe next week I can get him to walk with me on the beach. Now that would be fun!!!


Jean said...

Here's wishing you a wonderful vacation!!!!

Robin said...

Augh. It's too bad you can't get the local stores not to sell him junk. :/

Anyway, that's great what you are doing for yourself. Found a great website which you might like too, for calculating routes!
Hope it helps! ^^

I'm doing great with my fitness regime. :) I've gotten down to 22.5 lbs off, little by little. And last night I went to my first bellydancing lesson! BOY TALK ABOUT A WORK OUT!! O_O;

Enjoy your vacation, dear Wife. You have EARNED it! :D

Anonymous said...

HI, Wife! I'm the one with your "parallel life"---same issues with hubby, etc. It's been a while since I've been able to post--glad you're still here and still writing. Hubby got insulin to try last month. He wanted the pens for the 2 different kinds, costs over $150 with insurance for 30 days (but we can reuse the pens themselves, just have to fill them again) and it sits in the fridge while he cruises the River of De Nile!!!! Argh!!!! Oh well.

I get those "happy phone calls", too, like "i just called to tell you that I'm quitting this *bleep, bleep, bleep* job and coming home right now!" There's a cheerful message on your answering machine, huh?

Keep fighting the good fight! Have a wonderful restful vacation, and good luck on your new eating plan!

"Sister Wife of Diabetic"

Robin said...

Last Friday, a friend of my mom's was found dead at his home. He was a Type 1 diabetic, and had been in a diabetic coma. His house was filled with sweets, and he had recently had a stroke back in the Spring.

It was so hard to see how this affected his best friend. They were soulmates and had once been engaged. I did my best to be there for her.

Even though he was thin, diabetes won, in his case. I really don't want it to win in your DH's case. :( You both are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope with my deepest hopes that he will turn around and see what diabetes is doing to him and in extention, his beloved wife. In the meantime, you are such a wonderful person and you are having a good effect on those around you -- and those of us online. Bless you, Wife!

P.S. After logging my food for two weeks, I'm finding my biggest culprit right now is sodium. It's sneaking into my diet by leaps and bounds and I'm not even one to use the shaker! It's getting to where I can't even try eating out at all, even when I'm careful. Because though other things show up great, my sodium is out the roof! I'm determined to wrangle it down. It may take a bit, though!

Lori Rode said...

That hour a day of walking is great. Your pace is very good. Walking 3 miles in 1 hour is a great pace. YOU COULD TRAIN AND WALK A MARATHON at that rate!! I love to see you taking good care of yourself. Enjoy your vacation.

Diabeteswife said...

Robin, thanks for the link to runingmap. I will definitely check that out.

I am truly grieved to hear about the death. I know my husband is so afraid of that happening to him. I can sense that's why he wants me around more and more.

Sodium. OK...what relationship does that have to insulin? Where shoud he (and I) keep our levels? I hadn't thought about that one.

Anonymous. That's a lot of money to spend for something that just sits on the shelf. I'm thinking diamond earrings could also just sit on the shelf! LOL!

Lori..I think I walked about 5 miles a day during! :o)